WinBridge Support

This article will explain the customer service support in our company and the corresponding human help after the sale.

WinBridge 9V Plug

Our 9V Plug is made explicitly for our voice amplifiers and PA systems. This type of power adapter is a high-performance power supply designed exclusively for electronics. These are switch-mode power supplies. Therefore, the output voltage is regulated at 9 volts, and the maximum output current is substantially higher.

Who is WinBridge, Here is our story

“The HUMAN VOICE is the most PERFECT INSTRUMENT of all. “ Arvo Part Indeed, the human voice is powerful in so many ways. Your voice is your success. Your voice is your freedom. Your expression. Your voice is the organ of the soul.

WinBridge Karaoke Speaker

Model: T9 Portable PA System Karaoke Machine The function of karaoke: Karaoke speaker set has two astounding 3.5″ woofers and two 1″ tweeters that will bring great music and an awesome vibe to your party. This loud-speaker is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled and can readily stream music from your mobile phone or tablet, By plugging an… Continue reading WinBridge Karaoke Speaker

How Voice Amplifiers Can Help Teachers During Pandemic

Talking through a facemask is not easy. If you are a teacher and you are struggling these days because face-to-face class during the pandemic is not convenient, we are here to help you. Our Voice Amplifiers are perfect gadgets to amplify your voice and be heard clearly and loudly.

Your Voice We Care

WinBridge is a brand focused on teacher voices since 2007. Speaking can be fatiguing even if your speech is considered articulate and clear. Especially teachers, particularly those who are naturally soft-spoken and diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord face a daily struggle to crank up the volume. WinBridge offers a “Speech Aid” to help amplify… Continue reading Your Voice We Care

WinBridge Carry Case S92 Plus

Store your S92 Plus Voice Amplifier and UHF wireless microphones in this black carry case. You can protect your S92 Plus from dust, water spill, rain, and breakage. This well-built hard case has a zipper enclosure so you can keep the wires and belt straps.