WinBridge Mini USB Cable

This article is about this Mini USB cable is a special charging cable for WB001 charging, and gives a link to buy the Mini USB cable.

Karaoke Mic and Speaker

This article describes the relevant features and main functions of the amplifier T9 for Karaoke Mic and Speaker.

Portable Mic and Speaker Set

This article describes some of the amplifiers suitable for Portable Mic and Speaker Set, as well as the main functions of these amplifiers.

In-ear Voice Sound Amplifier

WinBridge voice amplifiers can function as in-ear voice sound amplifiers. All you need to do is use a headphone and plug it into the headphone port of the voice amplifier. For voice monitoring and recording, this function works well. WiinBridge voice sound amplifiers are packed with multiple features so you can use them in various… Continue reading In-ear Voice Sound Amplifier