WinBridge Bluetooth Microphone Not Working

The wireless Bluetooth microphones are heavy-duty and well-built for high performance. If it is not working, there are a few things you need to check. Is the battery fully-charged? Is it within the acceptable range of the voice amplifier unit?

WinBridge Wireless Lavalier

Our Winbridge wireless lavalier system adapts the UHF or Ultra-High Frequency technology. It means it can be used farther, with a stable signal and clear, crisp sound than 2.4G. The quality of the products are outstanding, so you don’t need to get one from high-end and expensive brands.

WinBridge Voice Amplifier Beeping Noise

A beeping noise on your voice amplifiers can be one or two things. One, it could be indicating that the battery is low-bat and needs recharging. Or it is out of range, and the hiss or static is caused by feedback. Always check if your wireless microphone is working or disconnecting.

How to Charge WinBridge Voice Amplifier

Your WinBridge Voice Amplifier comes with a charging cable or charger that you will use for charging. Typically, the charging time is around 3-5 hours. Once the battery is full, the work time can range from 10-12 hours, depending on usage.

WinBridge Original Voice Amplifier

WinBridge has been the leading manufacturer of high-performance and reliable quality voice amplifiers for years. We create multifunctional voice amplifiers that professionals can use, such as teachers, speakers, coaches, instructors, event organizers, singers, tourist guides, and more.

WinBridge UHF Wireless Microphone Headset

WinBridge UHF Wireless Microphone headset is rechargeable, so you don’t need to replace the battery when it runs out. The performance is outstanding- with crystal clear sound that is so pleasing to the ears. It allows you to multitask as you speak.

WinBridge Customer Service

Our commitment to providing you excellent service is one of our priorities. We aim to respond to your queries and requests in no time. Our team of professional customer service agents are ready to assist you 24/7 before and after-sales.

WinBridge Support

This article will explain the customer service support in our company and the corresponding human help after the sale.

WinBridge 9V Plug

Our 9V Plug is made explicitly for our voice amplifiers and PA systems. This type of power adapter is a high-performance power supply designed exclusively for electronics. These are switch-mode power supplies. Therefore, the output voltage is regulated at 9 volts, and the maximum output current is substantially higher.