Bluetooth Voice Amplifier for Teachers

Published November 24th, 2021

Written by WinBridge Team

This article recommends several Bluetooth amplifiers for teachers and gives reasons for the recommendations.

Recommended model: WinBridge S96

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. The wireless microphone used has good stability and can work freely to expand the volume.
2. The amplifier has a long battery life, with 20-22 hours of ultra-long working time.

Recommended model: WinBridge S278

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. The rechargeable voice amplifier included a built-in 1800mAh battery that provides a working time of amplifying your voice for 10 hours.
2. The max 10W output sound covers 10000 sq. ft and is fit for a big room or as a voice amplifier portable for outdoor, a personal voice amplifier for teaching, coaches, training, presentation, and tour guides.
3. With a mute button on this voice amplifier with the speaker, you can mute the microphone with one click on the mute/pause button.

Recommended model: WinBridge S92 Pro

Reasons for the recommendation:
1. The speaker gives off a good clear sound, you could easily make a presentation to a group of 100-200 people and be heard clearly.
2. The main pa speaker unit has a very good build quality, solid feel, and is well-made.
3. You can link both the handheld microphone and the headset microphone at the same time. This would work well for teaching in that kind of venue, portable pa speaker can help so much for some of your quieter kids to have their voices throughout the whole group, Kids will love to pass around the microphone and take turns speaking.

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