Around the Neck Microphone for Teachers

Published April 2nd, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Teachers are now back to classroom teaching! We’ve been receiving inquiries about the neck microphone for teachers so we’re proud to give you updates about our new models! We recommend our newly launched models- S398, S309, S209, and S208.

Around the Neck Microphone for Teachers

Around the neck microphone for teachers combine comfort and extended use. With long battery life (some models give up to 12 hours of playback) and noise-canceling functions, you can enjoy talking to your class with ease and comfort! You won’t have any connection troubles, either, because the majority of them have excellent Bluetooth stability.
Do you want your voice could be as loud as a microphone or a teacher’s? We hear you if you’re one of them. We understand how difficult it can be to have a soft voice when you need a strong one so that all of your pupils can hear you.
The good news is that a set of voice amplifiers, complete with a wired or wireless microphone, has been designed specifically for teachers like you. Winbridge manufactures high-quality microphones that can be utilized by teachers especially those who use facemasks in the classroom.
Our voice amplifiers are very portable and compact. We made sure that one can use it with flexibility, so we included the belt straps and clips. When you purchase our wired or wireless microphones, you can put them around the neck, or wear them on your head, for easy wear and a comfortable feeling.
If you choose wireless, the microphone mic of your WinBridge headset is a two-in-one flexible UHF mic. It can be used as a headset or a hand-held microphone by disconnecting the ear hook from the mouthpiece. The microphone can be used as a hand-held microphone when the ear hook is removed. For hands-free communication, you can wear it on your head with an ear hook.
To know more about the neck microphone for teachers, we can give you a product demo so you can choose the best model for your teaching needs. If you have inquiries, kindly send us a message at or check out the new models in our store-

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