Voice Amplifier for Talking to Audiences

Published March 8th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Speech giving has become something that happens in every educational, wedding, political event, or even party. What is more critical about speech giving is that what the speaker or the orator is saying has to be audible enough for all the audience to hear, and this can not be done without a good voice amplifier. A good voice amplifier will help the orator give out their message without stress or straining their voice.

Voice Amplifier for Classroom

It is essential to find a suitable amplifier for your event, which has become problematic for many people. There is a wide variety of voice amplifiers in the market today. As a result, buyers can be misled to buy the wrong amplifier; many events have stopped mid-way because the audience can not hear what the orator is saying.
To have a successful event, you have to buy a suitable voice amplifier, and how do you do that. We have taken the time to give factors that you must consider before buying a voice amplifier for your speech event, and if you consider these factors, you are on your way to getting the best voice amplifier for your system.

Speaker Budget for speech

The first step to getting the proper voice amplifier is having the right price budget. Knowing the proper price range for a good voice amplifier will give you the right idea of the type of amplifier you will be getting.
We recommend that as the orator of the lecture event, you can budget between the price range of 50 U.S. dollars to 160 U.S dollars to buy a good voice amplifier suitable for your event. Also, you must know that this price is subject to influence by other factors like discounts, inflation, and many other factors. However, the recommended price budget should be alright to buy a good voice amplifier.

Number of the Audience

Another critical factor that must be considered is the number of audiences that the orator will be speaking to. It is crucial to know the number of audiences attending the lecture because it will give the orator a good idea of what type of voice amplifier they would be getting.
Getting the wrong amplifier for your lecture could be fatal. It could stress the orators’ voice, leading to a damaged vocal cord. Also, the audience might not hear the orator because the voice amplifier does not have the power output to amplify the orator’s voice to the number of audiences.
We must understand that there are many voice amplifiers in the market, and they all have different output capacities and serve different purposes.
For an audience within the size range of 20 to 80 people, we recommend getting a voice amplifier with a power output of 5 to 10W. This power output should be enough to amplify the orators for the audience to hear clearly.
For an audience within the size range of 80 to 120 people, we recommend that you get an amplifier with an output power of 10 to 18W. This amplifier is perfect for this audience and will comfortably amplify the orators for everyone to hear. If the audience is more than 120 people, an amplifier with a power output of 20W will be suitable.

The Lecture Hall’s Area

Another factor that needs to be considered in the lecture hall area. The size of the lecture is an essential factor that needs to be put in mind before buying a voice amplifier. As we know, the various voice amplifiers available in the market have different capacities and reach. Without proper knowledge about voice amplifiers, you may buy one that does not suit the lecture hall.
The lecture hall may be too big for the reach of the voice amplifier, and in turn, the amplifier may not be able the amplify the orator’s voice in such a way that all of the audience will be able to hear clearly.
It is also essential to keep in mind the range of the amplifier you will be getting, which will give you a better idea of the voice amplifier needed for the lecture hall area. Knowing this will save the orator a lot of stress and embarrassment that getting the wrong voice amplifier may cause. You do not want a situation where not all the lecture hall audience can hear what the orator is saying.
For a lecture hall area with a size reach of 40 meters, we recommend that you get a voice amplifier with a power output of 10W; this will be very suitable and ensure that all the audience can hear the orator.
Also, for a lecture hall area with a size reach of 80 meters, we recommend that you get a voice amplifier with an output reach of 10W, which will be very suitable for all the audience to hear the orator properly.
Finally, for this section, a lecture hall area with a size reach of 80 meters or more, then a voice amplifier with an output of 20W or more will be perfect.

Duration of the speech

The duration of the speech is a crucial factor that, if not considered carefully, may be fatal to the lecture event. The duration of the speech has to do with the battery capacity. Not all voice amplifiers have the same battery capacity, which is why the duration of the speech event should be considered when you are looking for a voice amplifier with a suitable battery capacity.
Nobody wants a dead amplifier in the middle of a speech; that will be fatal and could be the end of the event entirely. This factor is essential and should not be ignored or treated with disregard. Considering the battery life will help you get a suitable amplifier perfect for your event.
In a situation where the lecture event will be going on for more than 8 hours a day, we recommend that the orator goes for large battery life. Getting a 20W voice amplifier will be suitable for this event because these types of amplifiers feature large batteries. The amplifier will allow the orator to talk for long without worrying about a low battery or dead amplifier in the middle of speaking.
In addition, for lecture events that will last for less than 8 hours in a day, you could consider getting a 15W wired amplifier. If the amplifier is used for less than 5 hours, consider using a wireless amplifier.

Handheld Wireless Microphone for talking to Audiences

It is important to consider the type of microphone used for your event. Many people tend to ignore this factor and end up with the wrong microphone for their events. Many microphones suit different events and can serve better when complemented with a suitable amplifier.
The handheld microphone is considered the best for lectures. It is easy and convenient for the orator to use and can be passed easily from one person to the other. We recommend that you use a wireless microphone for your lecture.
Also, the wireless microphone comes with many advantages, which will be perfect for your speech. The wireless handheld microphone is convenient, unlike the wired handheld microphone, which can be uncomfortable for the orator due to the wires and limited movement. Also, the wireless microphone can easily be operated as it does not need any form of wire connection. It can also be used under any circumstance or condition, either indoor or outdoor events.
However, before buying a handheld microphone for your event, you must consider some critical factors. The first is the battery life of the wireless handheld microphone you will be buying, and this is important because you need to buy a microphone that will be suitable for the time duration of your lecture. You do not want a dead microphone in the middle of the lecture. That could be catastrophic.
The microphone may have a stronger connection than a wireless microphone. When it comes to outdoor events, you should go for the wired microphone due to its strong connection. The wired microphone is powered by an amplifier which makes it run for as long as the amplifier will last. On the other hand, wired microphones are not convenient and limit the orator’s movement due to the presence of wires. The wireless amplifier does not have wires, allowing the orator to move freely.
We recommend the U5 handheld microphone for the WinBridge S92 for speech; it is very convenient and can be used under any circumstance. It features UFH wireless technology that makes transmission up to 50m, which is very strong. It also comes with an in-built lithium battery which could last for 10 hours when fully charged.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone for talking to Audiences

The lavalier microphone can also be suitable for a speech or lecture. They are small and come with clips, making them easy to fix to the orator’s shirt, tie, or collar. It is a very convenient type of microphone to use. Once the microphone is placed correctly, the orator can talk for hours without carrying anything or feeling any form of inconvenience. It is like using a microphone with the necessary stress of using one.
If you are looking to get a lavalier microphone, we recommend the WinBridge U7, one of the best Lavalier Microphones on the market today.

Interaction With the Audience

Another factor that must be known is if the lecture is going to be an interactive one, this will give you a broader idea of the type of voice amplifier you will be getting. However, most lectures or speeches tend to be interactive. For the interaction to happen, the orator needs to be adequately heard.
The audience can not interact with an orator that is not audible enough. We recommend that you buy a WindBridge amplifier system for your lecture. Their amplifiers are designed to pick the faintest sound and amplify it to a large audience.
It is recommended that you get an amplifier that supports the connection of two microphones simultaneously. Having two microphones in your lecture program will boost interaction. The orator can have one microphone while the other can be for the audience, probably for questions or contributions from the audience. As we know, interaction is an essential aspect of learning, and lectures cannot always be one-sided; it needs to be two-sided, that the person giving the lecture and the audience. Also, with interaction, the orator can guarantee that the audience understands what is being said.

Live Speech with Mask

With the outbreak of covid-19, wearing the mask has become a compulsory thing to do whenever we are in a place where there is a large gathering. The authorities have taken it upon themselves to impose masks at all events. This is meant to prevent the continuous spread of dangerous diseases.
Wearing a mask and giving a speech simultaneously can be very difficult. Masks can drastically reduce the audibility of the orator and thereby make the audience find it hard to hear what is being said. This is why in speech, the orator usually removes their face mask out of frustration which should not be done.
However, with a suitable voice amplifier, you do not need to pass through the same frustration when giving a speech with a face mask. WinBridge has created an amplifier that allows orators to use their masks while giving a speech. With their advanced technology, their amplifier can pick the inaudible sound caused by the mask and amplify it so that everyone can hear it.
When getting an amplifier and you need your voice to be adequately projected to your audience, even with a mask on, you should consider WinBridge amplifiers.

Voice Amplifier for Outdoor Speech

Having an outdoor event can prove to be difficult without a suitable amplifier. Many amplifiers cannot withstand the conditions that outdoor events may bring. Some amplifiers are built specifically for outdoor events to cope with the harsh conditions that may affect the amplifier. While other amplifiers may easily get damaged by the weather conditions, others can withstand it. Many manufacturers consider adding specific features that make the amplifier stand out and rugged to cope with these conditions.
When buying an amplifier, you must consider where the amplifier will be used. This could be either indoors or outdoors. Knowing this will narrow down your choice when choosing an amplifier for your lecture.
For an outdoor lecture, you will need an amplifier that will withstand harsh weather conditions. WinBridge has made an amplifier that is suitable for this kind of purpose. The amplifier is the WInBridge H5 plus, built specifically for outdoor events.
The WinBridge H5 plus is a voice amplifier with many features that make it perfect for an outdoor program. The amplifier is waterproof and can be used in the rain, which means you do not need to fear that the amplifier will get damaged when the rain starts when you are giving a speech in your outdoor lecture.
Furthermore, when having an outdoor event, due to the many conditions around that may reduce the productivity of the voice amplifier, we recommend that you get a voice amplifier with a power output of 18W or more, which is also a feature of the H5 plus. You should also consider the amplifier’s battery life when buying, and you need an amplifier with strong battery life to avoid embarrassment.
Depending on the type of outdoor program you will be having and the preference of the orator, you can choose between using a wired amplifier or a wireless amplifier.

Voice Amplifier For Damaged Vocal Cords

Damaged vocal cords have become a common thing these days, and it is caused by illness, the strain on the voice, and many other factors. This should not be a hindrance to your lecture program; with the right type of voice amplifier, your damaged voice can be enhanced so that everyone will be able to hear you.
If you have a damaged vocal cord, you do not need to stress your voice any further, and having the wrong amplifier for your lecture will make you do just that. This is why you will need to get a voice amplifier that will pick up the slightest sound made by you so the audience can hear you clearly.
Winbrigde provides amplifiers that can help relieve stress on your damaged vocal cords when giving your speech. With their experience in building voice amplifiers, they have considered people with damaged vocal cords. Their products are guaranteed to give you the best services with any form of problem.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by Speakers

Having a speech means picking a suitable amplifier, which can be difficult, especially when you do not have the proper knowledge about amplifiers. Many people feel it is easy to do just to go and get any voice amplifier, and they usually get disappointed by the outcome of the amplifier. The tricky part of getting a voice amplifier is choosing from a wide variety of amplifiers in the market.
Before getting a voice amplifier, you must consider the following factors:
●Power output: the power output is a crucial factor considered before getting an amplifier for your lecture. If you have a small audience at the lecture, you should consider getting an ab amplifier with 5-20W output power. If the audience is going to be larger, then a voice amplifier with a power output of 15-20W should be suitable.
● Connectivity: connectivity is another vital factor that should be considered. If you want to buy an amplifier with strong output and clear if any form of distortion or break in connection, you should consider buying a wired voice amplifier. You can then use a wireless microphone with your wired amplifier.
●Battery life: the battery life of a voice amplifier is very crucial. It can ruin your lecture and cause a lot of embarrassment. You should get a voice amplifier that is perfect for the duration of the lecture.
●Special functions: These are specific functions or accessories that the amplifier comes with. This could be dual-microphone connectivity for multiple users, promoting interaction, especially connections like aux cable, Bluetooth, and many more.
Here are the top 5 voice amplifiers that would be perfect for your lecture.

1. WinBridge T9
The T9 is a suitable amplifier for your speech. It gives out a clear and crisp sound and can remove any form of distortion or noise from the amplifier system, which makes it easy for the audience to hear what the orator is saying. It also can pick up the slightest sound made by the orator there, reducing the stress on the orator’s vocal cord and encouraging a smooth speech delivery.
Features of the WinBridge T9
1. It is suitable for meetings, speech delivery, guide tour, seminar, and many more.
2. It features the new Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making connections faster and more trusted. The Bluetooth technology encourages stable transmission within a long distance.
3. The amplifier system and the microphone can both be charged
4. The microphone with the amplifier has a high-performance utility that produces a smoother sound. This is why this amplifier is suitable for those with damaged vocal cords.
Functions of the T9
1. It features a 4000mAh in-built battery which can work for up to 8 hours when fully charged.
2. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 that enables streaming from any device, including your Android device, iPod, iPad, iPhone, and any other device that supports Bluetooth connection.
3. It also comes with a remote control that is easy to use and enables users to control the amplifier from a distance.
4. The amplifier is suitable for an audience of 50 people
5. It comes with a microphone and an in-built lithium battery that can last up to 5 hours after a full charge.
6. It can easily be charged with an AC outlet even when being used.
7. The amplifier system has two 3.5” woofers and two 1” tweeters that give a smooth sound clear of any noise.
8. It also comes with two microphones, one handheld, and a headset microphone. The amplifier’s handle can easily be detached to be easier to carry.
●T9 speaker system
●Handheld microphone
●Remote control
●5V 1A charger
●Remote control
●USB cable
●Handheld microphone
●15V 2A charger
●User manual
●Aux cable
2. Winbridge H5 Plus
The H5 Plus is a saver for your vocal cords. That speaker is known for its crisp and clear sound that gives off without noise or distortion. The amplifier can comfortably be used for an audience of 50 people.
WinBridge H5 plus features
1. The amplifier comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It supports Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to connect to other devices to play audio recordings to aid your speech. The Bluetooth can work up to a distance of 33ft.
2. The amplifier features a well-made and attractive structure that contributes to its unique sound.
3. It can also be used to listen to FM stations as it comes with an FM mode which can be accessed through the push of a button.
4. It has a small structure which makes it easy to carry but has a loud sound compared to other more prominent speakers.
Functions of the H5
1. The amplifier supports a UHF mode which allows the speaker to pair to the wireless headset microphone accessory to the H5 plus amplifier system. The transmitter is used with a lapel microphone or a stand microphone. Only one microphone at a time can be used.
2. The amplifier also features an in-built 3600mAh battery which can last up to 6 to 8 hours, and the wireless amplifier can last up to 4 to 6 hours. Also, the transmitter can last up to 4 to 6 hours.
3. The amplifier also gives out a smooth and clear sound that reaches up to 1500m².
4. The speaker system allows for various connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 allows the speaker to connect to other devices that support Bluetooth connections. It also allows other connections like AUX input, SD card, U disk, and FM radio.
5. It also has a lightweight size that allows it to quickly move around.


People always make the mistake of getting the wrong amplifier for their events; many think all amplifiers are the same, and therefore, they can go into any store to purchase an amplifier for their events. This is not true; amplifiers vary in output, battery, range size, and other qualities. This is why you need to consider the factors mentioned above before getting a voice amplifier.
WinBrigde offers a good number of amplifiers suitable for any type of event you need an amplifier for. With the factors you need to consider when buying an amplifier, you can easily choose one of Winbrigde’s products that best suit your event.
WinBrigde has produced a lot of amplifying products that have been used by many and has confirmed that they are the best in the market. You can trust them to give you the best amplifier.

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