Voice amplifier for Speech: The Ultimate Guide

Published February 24th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

It has become essential for a person to be heard clearly, especially when speaking to a large audience. People with soft voice or voice difficulties now have amazing equipment such as a voice amplifier, making speaking less stressful and more audible.

Voice amplifier for Speech

Voice amplifier is fast becoming popular, especially among people with soft voice or voice problem. It has become their one-way ticket to speaking to people, including a large gathering, without breaking a sweat.

Speaker’s budget

When buying a voice amplifier, you must have in mind a budget for the kind of amplifier you will be buying. However, the prices of amplifiers vary, depending on several specifications. The budget for this guide is between $50 – $150. With this, you can get an effective voice amplifier for your speech.

Number of the audience

While considering having a voice amplifier for your speech, it is expedient for you to know the number of your audience because there are different kinds of voice amplifiers whose power varies. The effectiveness and quality of each voice amplifier give also differ. If you speak to about 10 to 30 people, then a 5 – 7W amplifier will be perfect, and the price range for that is $50 – $70. For a more significant number, 30 to 50 people, you will need a 10W amplifier which costs $80. If your targeted audience is between 50 – 100, you can use a voice amplifier with an output between 10 – 15W, and the price range for that is $80 – $100. For a large gathering, which could be a conference, with over 200 people or more, then it is recommended that you make use of a 30W amplifier which costs $150.

The lecture hall area

Because there are different effects in amplifier amplification and not all power amplifier characteristics are the same, you need to know the size and area of the lecture hall where you will be delivering your speech before shopping for a voice amplifier. The classroom area should be related to the amplifier’s output power, and you must also consider the sound transmission distance. In an amplifier, there are extra parameters to consider. Amplification effects aren’t all the same.
First of all, a lecture hall between 50 – 100 square metres would need a 5W amplifier that costs about $50. For a 100 – 250 square metre lecture hall, we recommend a 10W that costs between $50 – $70, while a lecture hall area between 250 – 500 square metres would need between 10W and 15W, which price range between $60 – $100. Some auditoriums can be as large as 600 – 1000 square metres. Suppose you give a lecture or deliver a speech in such an auditorium. In that case, you will need an amplifier between 20W – 30W, and the price range for this is between $80 – $150.
Recommendations for

The speech time

The time of the speech also matters. Recommendations to Customers are on different amplifier types based on the battery and how long they use it. Some people use voice amplifiers for a short time, maybe just for a short speech or a quick presentation. On the other hand, some people’s jobs necessitate the usage of an amplifier regularly. It might become extremely inconvenient to charge the amplifier every 2 – 3 hours. That’s why we recommend based different amplifiers for people depending on how long you will be using them. Suppose a speaker has more than 5 hours of continuous presentation. In that case, we recommend using a model which has a large battery with nearly 20 hours of battery life or a wired microphone that does not require additional charging. Suppose you aren’t using it for that long, maybe for just 1 – 2 hours. In that case, an amplifier with a battery capacity of 1050mAh will suit you, which costs about $50. While if you need it to last for 3 – 5hours, you need an amplifier with a battery power between 1050 – 2500 mAh, and the price range for that is between $50 – $70. For a speech or lecture that will last for over 7 – 10 hours, the best would be an amplifier with a battery power of 3000 – 4400mAh, and the price for that falls between $80 – $150.

Wireless microphone

It is common knowledge that using a wireless microphone provides convenience and versatility and keeps a stage neat. Wireless microphones are popular in the entertainment industry, television broadcasting, and public speaking to allow public speakers, interviewers, performers, and entertainers to move about freely while using a microphone without requiring a cable attached to the microphone.
Advantages of Wireless amplification
1. Freedom
When a speaker uses wireless amplification, freedom of movement is possible. It is now easy for the speaker to express themselves more easily.
2. Fewer Cables related problem
Wireless amplification helps avoid cable problems common with wired microphones, caused by constant moving and stressing the cables.
3. Reduction of cable trip hazards on the stage

Handheld wireless microphone

Handheld wireless microphones are held in hand, but you can also clip them onto a microphone stand while someone sings, gives a speech, or lectures. Without being constrained by wires, you can speak into it by connecting to a wireless receiver and plugging it into a speaker or recording
As a result, they’re ideal for public speaking or performances that demand both mobility and outstanding audio. Handheld microphones capture sound directly from the lips, reducing background noise. High-quality mics usually isolate the diaphragm from vibrations using foam padding, suspension, or other methods. Low-quality mics tend to transfer vibrations from the casing right into the diaphragm, resulting in a terrible noise. WinBridge provides high-quality handles and wireless microphones that can help boost your performance as a speaker or lecturer.

Wireless lavaliere microphone

A lavaliere wireless microphone or lavaliere (or lav or lapel mic) is a small electret (electric, magnet) or dynamic microphone used for television, theatre, and public speaking applications, to allow hands-free operation. A lavalier microphone is a tiny microphone worn on the speaker’s body or clothing. Wireless lavalier mics send their audio feeds directly to a receiver that a sound mixer can control and tune via radio frequencies. There are many different lav microphones, but the best ones will generate audio comparable to a standard boom mic.

Interact with the audience

When having a lecture or public speaking, it is necessary to make it as interactive as possible. So, for effective interaction with the audience. For interaction in the study or auditorium, we recommend that speakers get a voice amplifier with the choice of two wireless microphone amplifiers to speakers. The Bluetooth capability on the amplifier with two wireless microphones allows you to play a recorded speech or lecture over Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and PCs.The Bluetooth capability on the amplifier with two wireless microphones will enable you to play a recorded speech or lecture over Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and PCs.
If you need to interact with your audience in the auditorium, you must buy an amplifier with two wireless microphones. Suppose you do not need to interact with your audience in the hall. In that case, you only need to buy an amplifier with one microphone.
Here’s one voice amplifier and a PA system highly recommended for Effective interaction with the audience: WinBridge T9, which is great for lectures, demonstrations, giving tours, or just as a speaker for listening to the music on your phone. See the features below:

WinBridge T9 is a voice amplifier recommended for speakers, coaches, or lecturers that you can use for delivering a presentation, reports, meetings, public speaking, and conferences.
● Power Output
Within a 50-foot range, this 40W voice amplifier allows you to be heard loud and clear by many people. The amplifier is utilized for 50- 70 people gathering.
● Multi-functional Loudspeaker
This multi-functional and portable voice amplifier can also serve as a PA speaker, featuring aux connections and USB and TF card interfaces.
● Wireless Microphones
With a wireless voice amplifier, you can position the device in the centre of the room and transmit it from a distance with two portable microphones. You’ll get about 50 feet! The U8 wireless mic can also serve as a headset and tiny mobile versions. Using the “+” and “-” buttons on the mic, you can control the volume. Rechargeable Battery
It includes a built-in 4000mAh lithium battery with a charge period of 3 to 5 hours and a maximum operating time of 8 hours.
● Latest Bluetooth Technology
This voice amplifier may serve as a speaker by connecting your device via Bluetooth, thanks to the newest 5.0 Bluetooth technology.
● Pairing
Two U8 wireless headset microphones are included, linked, or connected simultaneously to the speaker/amplifier.

Live speech with a mask

Face masks are essential in decreasing COVID-19 transmission, making communication difficult, especially for hearing problems. Face masks block visual clues and muffle high-frequency spoken sounds. Masks can particularly aggravate presenters who must wear them while making a speech or lecture.
Mask creates an additional barrier to listeners’ comprehension. Masks muffle speakers’ voices, but with the help of a voice amplifier, you can amplify your volume and boost clarity. Amplification systems can help people hear and reduce fatigue for the talker even while wearing a mask.
We recommend that Orators should employ high-powered amplifiers. When wearing a mask simultaneously, high-powered loudspeakers are the best aid. The most fundamental attribute of these loudspeakers is that they all have a power output of 20W or higher. The amplification effect is excellent when using a 20-watt voice amplifier. The maximum area it can cover is 1000 square feet. It can hear up to 180 persons.

Voice amplifier for outdoor speakers

For different lecturing scenarios, we recommend the use of separate amplifiers. As a speaker, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to have your lectures or give a speech outdoors. The voice amplifier is quite different from indoor scenarios. One of the most challenging problems public speakers encounter is when they have to speak outside. While it’s nice to be out in the fresh air, it’s usually not the best place to give a speech. A speaker will present lectures outdoors as long as people congregate outside. Because you typically are standing much more away from your audience than you would be indoors, your voice may not carry as well. Outdoor events, in general, are less controlled than those held indoors. Getting and keeping their attention could be challenging, if not impossible. As a result, using a voice amplifier is recommended. As a result, it’s advisable to use a voice amplifier.
Our most recommended outdoor event is a fall-proof, waterproof, and dustproof amplifier. If you’re using this amplifier outside, don’t be concerned about the effects of vigorous exercise or sudden rain. This amplifier has an amplification time of more than 10 hours, so you’ll have plenty of power to work. This loudspeaker is available in both wired and wireless versions. You can select from a variety of models. Speakers can buy by checking on the included functions to match their lifestyle.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Voice amplifiers are popular in making your voice louder and clearer while reducing unwanted feedback. Voice amplifiers can help if you have a strained voice due to vocal injury, a neurological disorder, trauma to your vocal cords or voice box, or if you simply want to quit straining your voice. They perform both inside and outside, and they aren’t simply for people who have a quiet voice; teachers, instructors, tour guides, and public speakers also use them.
The best voice amplifiers will amplify even the faintest voice, giving you more confidence and a clearer voice. Straining your vocal can cause permanent harm to your voice, making it difficult to converse with others. If you ever struggle to be heard, a voice amplifier could help. Also, a voice amplifier will maintain volume and clarity over a long period without straining or causing further damage to the voice of people with a weak or strained voice. Voice damage can result from vocal injury or people who rely on projecting their voices for an extended period, thus using their voice intensively.
This amplifier is ideal for helping you reduce voice strain and improve intelligibility. Designed to help with one-to-one conversations or in small groups, it’s small and discreet, but at the same time, very versatile. It can also serve patients with vocal nodules or recovering from surgery on the vocal cords. While these devices can help people with vocal impairments, they don’t always work since the vocal damage can be so severe that the microphone can’t take up enough sound.

List of voice amplifiers required by the speaker

The best and recommended brand we recommend is Winbridge. They feature inexpensive voice amplifiers that provide the most excellent sound quality available. It contains several features which could serve simultaneously. Let’s look at the various functions that a Winbridge Voice Amplifier can provide:
Bluetooth Connectivity
The latest Bluetooth communication technology provides consumers with a terrific experience. Winbridge voice amplifiers and PA systems work admirably for Bluetooth connectivity. Remember that not all Bluetooth speakers are equal in music quality. Before selecting the best voice amplifier, check all the features, such as wattage and connectivity coverage.
Battery and Power Life
Instead of disposable or rechargeable batteries, charged gadgets are more convenient and cost-effective. Choose a voice enhancer with a battery life of at least 5-8 hours or more if you want a long-lasting device. The batteries in WinBridge voice amplifiers are durable and sturdy, allowing you to use them for extended periods. Because most charging cables are USB-port compatible, you have more alternatives for recharging them.
There are no more tangled wires when you use them with rechargeable batteries. Wireless devices are highly convenient, and charging cords are short enough to fit small cases. They are incredibly portable and do not require additional adapters or wires to function.
Noise Cancellation
The circuit design of a wireless speaker should minimize white noise and undesired ambient sounds, allowing you to have a pleasant and satisfying listening experience! It should filter and cancel out background noise to not turn up the volume to hear well.
The active noise-cancelling function in wireless headsets or microphones may reduce excessive or unwanted noise by providing a barrier that filters high-frequency sound waves. By actively eliminating or filtering lower-frequency sound waves, the noise is reduced.
Added Features and Functions
Aside from enhancing your voice, a Winbridge voice amplifier provides you with essential and upgraded functionality. Other features include a built-in recorder, FM radio, TF/micro SD card adapter, Aux and USB interfaces, and more. Because different models have distinct characteristics, you should only buy the one that best suits your demands.
Do you experience difficulty talking when you wear a facemask? Do you need to speak louder and adjust the volume of your voice now and then? Do you feel stressed and tired at the end of the day because of talking non-stop? If your answer is “yes,” you need to buy these voice amplifiers!
Here is the list of Winbridge voice amplifiers that speakers can use:

WinBridge H5 Plus
Voice amplifier with wireless headset mic with emergency charging, Supports simultaneous use of wireless microphones and wired microphones.

WinBridge T9
Portable Karaoke machine, Built-in Soundcard Remote Control, multi-function Bluetooth speaker.

WinBridge k10
Portable Karaoke machine, Built-in Soundcard Remote Control, multi-function Bluetooth speaker.

WinBridge WB001
Portable Voice Amplifier for speakers operation is straightforward, Lightweight, and Compact.

WinBridge S208
Portable Voice Amplifier for teachers with Bluetooth, Recording and Sleep mode, Runs for max, Low howling.

WinBridge S209
High a powerful mini voice amplifier, Supports Bluetooth, TWS Mute, LED Display, Sleep mode, and clear sound.

WinBridge S398
Portable Voice Amplifier with 20W output, USB-PD Rapid charging time; Runs for max, Low howling.


Voice amplifiers are an excellent tool for people who find it difficult to hear or utilize their voice frequently. Speech is our primary mode of communication, and straining our voices can result in long-term damage, making speaking amplifiers essential. People can feel alienated and upset when they are unable to be heard. As a result, having a tool to boost your voice’s loudness and clarity is an essential investment in your health.

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