Voice Amplifier for Outdoor Auction

Published February 18th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

An outdoor auctioneer may need to shout out prices of the auction goods during an outdoor auction, as the potential buyers must hear him out clearly. The shouting and strain can damage his vocal cords, as he may continue to shout at the top of his voice for hours.

Voice Amplifier for Outdoor Auction

This is why every auctioneer must get a voice amplifier to ease their job. A voice amplifier will help amplify the auctioneer’s voice clearly to his audience while saving his vocal cords from damage. It also helps to avoid costly mistakes as a result of misinformation.
This article will examine a detailed guide on voice amplifiers for outdoor auctions. We shall examine factors every auctioneer must consider before purchasing a voice amplifier. Factors include budget, size, number of audiences, and many more. We shall conclude by recommending the best voice amplifier for outdoor auctions.

Sound system budget for outdoor auction

Budget and prices are essential factors to consider before purchasing a voice amplifier. Buyers need to be aware that prices could vary due to external factors like inflation, government policies and tariffs, shipping fees, and many more. They should therefore do their research and budget adequately for these events.
The cost of a voice amplifier is usually between 50 us dollars and 160 us dollars, depending on the make and model of the voice amplifier you want to produce. Some amplifier comes with unique features which make them more expensive than the others, so make sure to consider these features and if they are helpful to you.

Number in auction venues

The auctioneer should consider the number of people present in the auction. Knowing ahead of time allows him to prepare better and choose the suitable voice amplifier. Voice amplifier comes in different output powers and is suitable for different purposes.
For an auction venue of 20 to 80 potential buyers, we recommend that the auctioneer purchase a voice amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. This is sufficient for the size of the auction event and capable of amplifying the auctioneer’s voice so that everyone can hear him.
A medium-size auction event with 80 to120 potential buyers seated should go for a stronger voice amplifier of the output power of 10 to 18W. This can amplify the auctioneer’s voice so that everyone hears him.
For a larger class of more than 120 seated guests, we recommend a voice amplifier with an output of more than 20W to amplify the auctioneer’s voice across the venue.

Auction Venues area

The auction venue area is another crucial factor that the auctioneer must consider when purchasing a voice amplifier. This is because the size of the auction venue may mean a more powerful voice amplifier.
Also, it means that a voice amplifier with a low output power will be unsuitable for a large auction venue, and a mismatch could prove costly. This is why we emphasize careful consideration to this point.
For a small auction venue, usually the size of a kindergarten class, and about 40m in size, we recommend an amplifier with an output power of 5-10W. These venues are relatively small in size and do not require much power.
A medium-size venue, usually a secondary school classroom size and about 80m in size, will need a voice amplifier with an output of 10-18w. This output is sufficient to cover the entire venue.
Finally, for a larger class, usually the size of a university hall, and can house up to 120 students, we recommend an output power of more than 20W. This venue requires a broader range hence more output power.

Duration Of the outdoor auction

Voice amplifiers are not evenly made. Some voice amplifier comes with larger and more effective batteries than others. This is because they are built for a different purpose. An auctioneer should consider the time length of the auction before he makes a purchase.
For more than 8hours of consecutive work time for auction events, we recommend that you go for 20W voice amplifiers. These amplifiers have stronger batteries that can last up to 22 hours. So the auctioneer does not need to worry about low battery or charging during the cause of the auction.
A shorter even of less than 8 hours should go for a voice amplifier with an output power of 15W. It has more than 15 hours of amplification and can be charged fully within 3-4 hours.
It would be best to consider how long it takes to charge the amplifier fully. Some amplifiers take longer to charge fully but offer better battery life.

Handheld Wireless Microphone for auction

The handheld wireless microphones are uniquely designed to be lightweight and easy to handle by the auctioneer. Like every other wireless device, they offer the auctioneer freedom to move and flexibility without bothering about wires and connections.
Usually, the handheld wireless microphones come with lithium rechargeable batteries that can last up to 5 hours. This allows the speakers to talk for a long time while paired to the amplifier system.
Also, they come with UHF pairing connections which allows the mics to connect with the amp. Its microphone can cover as large as 1000 square meters.
WinBridge voice amplifier offers many handheld wireless voice amplifiers, including the T9 model, K10, S92 pro, and H8.
The handheld microphone is suitable for karaoke, meeting, auction events, seminar, and other events that require interactions.

Wireless Microphone for auction

The wireless microphones are suitable for auctions as they give the auctioneer the freedom to use both hands during the auction. Suppose you are still confused about whether to go with the wireless microphones or not. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of using a wireless microphone.
Advantages of wireless microphones
1. Adjustable headset: The wireless microphones come in adjustable headsets which sit comfortably on the head. They are suitable for users who love their hands to be free. Also, the headset straps are adjustable to any size.
2. Portable and lightweight: the wireless microphones are adjustable and light, making them easy to carry around. The speaker can easily attach the amplifier to their belt without burdening the weight.
3. User friendly: the device is very easy to operate. It comes in an easy-to-read manual that explains the functions and features. It is also easy to use for older people.
4. Amplification range: the voice amplifier can cover a range of 1000 sq meters. This means that the wireless voice amplifier can cover a university size of classroom easily.
Disadvantages of wireless microphones
1. Low battery life: wireless microphones usually have a lower battery life than wired microphones. This is because of the wireless connection, which consumes more battery life.
2. Uhf pairing: In some devices, there is the issue of pairing. Some devices find it difficult to pair, which can be frustrating to the user.
3. Poor propagation: There is the issue of poor signal. The farther you are away from the PA system, the more poor the amplifier’s signal is.
4. Frequent charging: You may have to charge the device frequently due to its low battery life. This will not be convenient if you require the speaker for long consecutive hours.

Interaction at the outdoor auction

Interaction is crucial in every auction event. Sometimes the audience may have questions to ask the auctioneer about the goods on the auction. Also, the auctioneer may need to hear the buyer’s bid.
This is where a voice amplifier comes to play. We recommend that an auctioneer goes for a voice amplifier with two microphones, precisely one with a handheld microphone, so that the mic can be passed to bidders who have questions to ask without distorting the activity of an auctioneer.
The Windridge S92 pro is suitable for this purpose. It comes with a headset microphone and a handheld microphone in which the bidder can ask questions. If the interaction is unnecessary, you can go for single mic voice amplifiers.

The Voice Amplifier Battery Capacity

The best voice amplifiers for auction events have lasting battery life. This is because auctioning events are very long price wars between many bidders interested in the auctioned goods. It would be disappointing to struggle with the sound system in such a severe event.
The auction event is likely to last longer than eight consecutive hours. We recommend that the auctioneer goes for a voice amplifier with an output power of 20W. These amplifiers come with more powerful batteries and have an amplification time of up to 22 hours. They are the most suitable device for auctioning events.
In cases where the auctioning event lasts fewer than 8 hours, then we recommend the auctioneer goes for a less powerful voice amplifier within the range of 10-18W. These amplifiers have an amplification time of up to 15 hours and are more than sufficient.
Also, you should consider the time required to charge the amplifier fully. Some devices charge faster than others, while others may be slow to charge but offer longer battery life. Usually, it takes between 3-5 hours to charge these devices fully.

Voice Amplifier for outdoor auction

Outdoor events are prone to harsh weather and hazardous events that may cause damage to the voice amplifier. This is why the auctioneer must consider the durability of the voice amplifier before he makes a purchase.
One factor to consider here is the type of material that goes into building these voice amplifiers. Some voice amplifiers are made with quality and durable materials; hence they last longer and can withstand damage from falls. WinBridge speakers are made with rugged and durable materials, suitable for an outdoor experience.
Another factor you should consider is whether the voice amplifier is waterproof or not. This can determine how long the amplifier lasts. Take outdoor auctions, for instance, these events are prone to unplanned rains and other issues, which could put a non-waterproof voice amplifier at risk. So, depending on where you plan to use this amplifier, it helps to consider this factor. If you don’t know how to identify a waterproof voice amplifier, don’t hesitate to ask the store technician to help you out.
Most of the WinBridge products are anti-fall designed. This means that they come with belts, straps, and clips to prevent falls, eventually damaging the voice amplifier.

Voice amplifier for damaged vocal cord

Auctioneers are more prone to vocal cord damage due to their excessive shouting to be heard clearly by the bidders. Therefore it is highly recommended that they get a voice amplifier to help amplify their voice without stress and save them from damage.
Also, an auctioneer who has a fainted voice as a result of physical damage, shouting, or sickness can still get their voice out clearly by using a suitable voice amplifier. There is no need to shout at the top of your voice. Just be heard, you can purchase a WinBridge voice amplifier to help you. Some recommended brands of WinBridge voice amplifiers for auctioneers include the WinBridge K10, WinBridge T9, and the WinBridge H5 voice amplifier, which gives the auctioneer enough output power for outdoor auctions.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by the auction

The market is full of many models and brands of voice amplifiers, which can be tiring and confusing to the auctioneer. The auctioneer must understand that not all voice amplifiers perform the same function, so he must go for the voice amplifier that fits his needs.
We, therefore, recommend that the auctioneer consider the following factors before he purchases a voice amplifier.
Output power: Auctioneer should consider the output power of the voice amplifier before any purchase. We recommend that he goes for a high output power amplifier as this is more suitable for outdoor events and comes with better battery life. A 20W voice amplifier is more than sufficient for these events. For smaller events, the 5-0W may be more suitable.
Battery life: Auctioneer should go for a voice amplifier with long battery life. Auctioning events may be long and tedious, going on for hours and hours. We recommend the 20W voice amplifiers, which usually come with big and lasting batteries. These amplifiers usually have an amplification time of up to 22 hours. Also, consider the time it takes to charge the amplifier fully. Some amplifiers take a longer time to charge and offer lasting battery life,
Signal strength: if the auctioneer goes for a wireless microphone, he must consider the strength of the wireless mic away from the speakers. Some amplifiers’ sound quality reduces when the speaker moves away from the amplifier system.
Special Features: Finally, some voice amplifier systems have unique features like dual mic, Bluetooth connection Uhf pairing, USB cables, and many more. If any of these features interest the auctioneer, he may go for them.
Check out the list of recommended voice amplifiers for outdoor auction events.
Winbridge H5 Voice Amplifier
The H5 voice amplifier is a wireless microphone voice amplifier with an easily controllable volume. It comes in a portable size that makes it one of the best voice amplifiers for auctioneers.
The amplifier comes with additional features, including USB, echo features, Bluetooth, MicroUSB, and Aux.
Features of the H5 Voice Amplifier
● Output power: H5 has an output power of more than 30w, making it suitable for outdoor events.
● Battery Life: the H5 can last for 8 hours and can last up to 6 hours on music play.
● weight: The voice amplifier weighs around 1464g
● offers features like playing music off radio, USB, Bluetooth, Micro SD, AUX
● Durability: the H5 is a very durable speaker made with the highest quality materials.
Functions of the H5 voice speaker
The H5 speaker is a very functional device used for many purposes. The amplifier has valuable features, including playing recordings and music through Bluetooth, FM, and audio. It also has a unique echo feature.
H5 also comes with a 2500mAh internal battery, which provides a battery life of up to 8 hours of mic use and 6 hours of playing music. It can be used for auctions, meetings, teaching yoga, and other activities making the device multifunctional.
Accessories of the H5 speakers
1. The amplifier
2. Audio cable
3. User manual
4. 9v charger
5. headset microphone
Winbrideg T9 Voice Amplifier
T 9 is a wireless microphone amplifier that comes with two handheld mics to allow more than one speaker to speak simultaneously. They are useful for karaoke, meetings, teaching, and so on. The voice amplifier is suitable for a class of 50 audiences.
Ta is very portable and comes with Bluetooth 5.0, long-distance ranges technology, and more.
Features of T9 voice amplifier
● Output power: It has an output power of 40W, making it very suitable for outdoor auctions. The voice amplifier can cover a vast area.
● Battery life: T9 comes with a 4000mAh battery and has an amplification time of 8 hours in mic mode and 6 hours playing music. Its high output power means it comes with bigger and better battery life.
● Weight: the T9 weighs about 3332.4g
● Durable and rugged: The T9 is durable and made with quality materials.
● Charging time: It takes up to 5 hours to charge the T9 full.
Functions of the T9 voice amplifier
1. It can be used for karaoke events. The T9 comes with two handheld microphones, which allow the user to sing together. It can also double as an instrumental system to play music and recordings.
2. Long battery life: its 4000 mAh battery means that it can last for 8 hours on mic mode and 6 hours playing music. It is often described as the musician’s sound system.
3. Uhf pairing: the T9 comes with UHF pairing for its microphones and comes with a rechargeable battery that can work up to 5 hours.
4. Music device: The T9 functions as a music device that every music lover should have. It has everything you need to have an excellent time, including Uhf pairing dual mic, Bluetooth, USB cables, and more.
Accessories of T9 voice amplifier
1. A U30 UHF microphone
2. An S7 handheld microphone
3. remote control
4. Aux cable
5. Speaker
6. User manual
WinBridge K10 Voice Amplifier
The k9 is a popular voice amplifier that comes with two microphones that can connect to the speaker simultaneously. It has an output power of 80W and is suitable for outdoor activities like tour guides, outdoor auctioning, and training. The wireless microphones have a distance converge of 30m. Its batteries can last for as long as 10hours on mic mode and 6-8 hours while playing music.
Features of the K10 voice amplifier
1. Output power: K10 has an output power of 80W
2. wireless distance: It has a wireless coverage of 50m
3. Battery life: the K10 can last for as long as 16hours on mic mode and 8 hours on music play mode.
4. Bluetooth version 5.0
5. Sound coverage: Th K10 has a distance coverage of 3000 square meters.
6. Weight: It weighs about 5954g
Functions of the K10 voice amplifier
The K10 functions as a musical instrument and allows musicians to upload instrumentals and play them while singing. Guitarists can also use the speaker, connecting it to their amplifier as they play.
In addition, K10 comes with an active noise cancellation feature and supports some unique features like a USB flash drive, dual mic, Tf cards, and Aux cable.


Voice amplifiers are an essential buy for every auctioneer. Therefore, before you purchase a voice amplifier, you should consider all of the above factors to ensure you get the suitable amplifier for you. You can easily find the best voice amplifiers on WinBridge’s official website. WinBridge voice amplifiers are experts in building the best voice amplifiers that are multifunctional and useful in all areas of life.

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