Voice Amplifier for Home Use

Published February 19th, 2022

Written by WinBridge Team

Getting a home amplifier for your home events can be challenging at times. Choosing between the wide variety of amplifiers in today’s market can be tricky, especially when you do not have the necessary knowledge about amplifiers.

Voice Amplifier for Home Use

Having a home event could be fun, but you need a proper voice amplifier that perfectly suits your event. Having a lousy amplifier can destroy your home event and cause you a lot of embarrassment. This is why you need a topper knowledge about the various factors to consider when buying a portable voice amplifier and where to get the best amplifier for your party. This article will show you just that and give you the proper guidelines for having the best portable voice amplifier.

Voice Amplifier Budget For Home Use

The first step to getting a suitable amplifier for your home event is having the right budget price for the voice amplifier. Knowing the price range of voice amplifiers and how much you will be getting the proper amplifier will give you a good picture of what amplifier will be suitable for your home event.
We recommend that as the host of the home event, you can budget between the price range of 50 U.S. dollars to 160 U.S. dollars to buy a good voice amplifier that would be perfect for your event. It is important to note that the budget is subject to influence from other factors such as inflation, discount, and other factors. However, regardless of the factors that could influence the price of an amplifier, the recommended price budget should be perfect.

Duration Of Home Use

The duration of time that the home event would be going for is another factor that is crucial and should be taken into consideration before buying a voice amplifier. Many people tend to ignore this factor when getting a voice amplifier, which has led them to buy the wrong amplifier for their event. The duration of the event has to do with buying an amplifier with a battery capacity that will be able to last as long as the event will be going on.
It is essential to know that different voice amplifiers have varied battery capacities, and these amplifiers a made for different purposes and events. No one wants an amplifier with a low battery or, worse, dead. It could embarrass the host and cause guests to feel bored and not enjoy the event as they struggle to hear what the host is saying.
In a scenario where the home event will be going on for more than 8 hours a day, we recommend that the host opts for an amplifier with a large battery capacity. Buying a 20W voice amplifier will be perfect for the event as this type of amplifier comes with large battery life. This will allow the host to use the amplifier for a long time without charging or worrying about the amplifier getting low in the middle of the event.
Also, home events that will require the voice amplifier for less than 8 hours in a day could get a 15W wired voice amplifier. If the amplifier would be used for less than five consecutive amplifying hours, then the wireless amplifier would be suitable.
You must consider this factor carefully before making a purchase.

Voice Amplifier For Home Party

A home party is a way to have fun with family, close friends, colleagues from work, and many other close associates, and there should be nothing that should be able to spoil that moment. One factor that could spoil the moment is a bad amplifier. Without a suitable amplifier to give your party what it needs, the home party can suddenly become dull. It would help if you got a suitable amplifier for this occasion.
You can get an amplifier that good double for a loudspeaker, and this will allow you to play music when you need to spice up the party. You could also consider buying a voice amplifier that enables connection to other devices, and the amplifier should allow connections like Bluetooth, AUX cable, S.D. card, and many more. The Bluetooth connection will enable you to stream from other devices that support Bluetooth connections.
We recommend the WinBrigde T9 for your event. The T9 is a portable P.A. system that can also act as a speaker. It is loud and can comfortably be used for a party of 50 people. It also features some fantastic features that could benefit your home party.
Before getting an amplifier for your home party, you must consider some essential factors. One of these factors includes how significant the home event would be. As we know, many home amplifiers have different capacities. So it would help if you bought an amplifier that has output power to protect the host’s voice in such a way that all guests can be able to hear properly.

Voice Amplifier for Home Education

Home education has increasingly become popular; parents are looking to fill up their children’s extra time with home education to give them an edge in school. This is considered the best way to increase your children’s academic performance and keep them busy.
Home education also requires a good voice amplifier, allowing children to hear the educator properly. A bad amplifier will not allow the children to get the proper education they need, and this is because the teacher’s voice is not audible enough.
Children have a short attention span and are easily distracted, especially when they can not hear what is being taught properly. Unlike adults who would still listen, children can completely zone out and get busy with something else. Without the proper tool to call their attention back to the teaching, home education could be a total waste of time, and the children might not learn.
When buying a voice amplifier for your home education, it is important to remember that different amplifiers vary in capacity and functions. You must consider some factors like the size of the children taught, the battery capacity, the size of the teaching area, and many more. This will give you an insight into what type of amplifier you will be buying.
For your home education, we recommend WinBridge WB001, which will prevent the is a perfect amplifier for teaching. It has lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around, and it comes with a waistband which means it could be placed around your waist while teaching. It is very easy to use and works for 5 to 7 hours after a full charge.

Voice Amplifier For Family Entertainment

After long weeks of work and school, families need time to come together and enjoy themselves. This is a moment when family members from all areas of life, including cousins, aunties, and many other members, come together to have fun and talk about matters that concern that family.
A voice amplifier is crucial in every family entertainment and has a host. It is your job to find the best amplifier that will suit the event perfectly. The amplifier will help you pass across the message without stress and help you coordinate the event perfectly.
As we know, family entertainment is made of many fun activities, and as a host, you need a voice amplifier to help you coordinate them properly. A bad amplifier or the wrong amplifier for your family entertainment may make the event dull and less fun for family members and friends attending.
Knowing this, you must consider some factors before buying an amplifier, like where the events will be taking place, would whether it be in the home or outside the home. You will require a different type of amplifier for an outdoor type of event for indoor events. For an outdoor event, you need an amplifier that is more rugged and can withstand the harsh weather, and for an indoor event, you need an amplifier that does not require as much output power as the outdoor event would require.
Also, you should consider the size of the home area that you will be suing. Not all amplifiers cover the same area reach, and some have a smaller area reach while others have a larger area reach.
For your family entertainment, we recommend the Winbrigde T9, which is also perfect for outdoor family events. You can also opt for the WinBridge K10, which is a good indoor family event.

Voice Amplifier For Kids Show

Kids’ show is the most exciting part of the kids’ life, and they love having to watch a kids program with friends around and look forward to doing fun activities with their friends. With so many kids around in the home, it becomes difficult to coordinate them. Without a good voice, amplifier coordinating kids in a kid show is nearly impossible.
When talking to kids, you need to be audible enough so that they can hear you comfortably. Kids do not like to stress themselves when it comes to listening, they expect you to be loud enough, and this is why you need a voice amplifier. Voice amplifiers will help you relay information to the kids and help you coordinate them easily.
However, having the wrong amplifier in a kids’ show could be fatal for the host and the event in general. As the host, you could damage your vocal cord by shouting to get the kids’ attention, and we all know that to kids attending, it takes a lot of effort. A bad amplifier could also make the show boring. Kids have to hear whatever is being played in the show properly to enjoy it.
For a large number of kids at the show, you should have an amplifier with a larger output. If the kids are between 80 to 120, we recommend getting an amplifier with an output power of 10 to 15W. If the kids attending the show are less than 80, we recommend that you buy a voice amplifier with power output between 5 to 10W.
We recommend that you get the Winbridge S92 pro, which delivers a clear and crisp sound for the kids and comes with two microphones that could help promote interaction between the kids.

Wired and Wireless Voice Amplifiers

Finding the right voice amplifier for your family may also mean choosing between the wired and the wireless amplifier. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both types of amplifiers.
Wired Amplifier
The wired amplifier is one of the oldest used amplifiers and is still being used today. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the wired amplifier.
Advantages Of The Wired Amplifier
● The operation of a wired voice amplifier is straightforward. You need to plug in the necessary cables, and you are good to go.
● It has a clear sound than even the wireless voice amplifier.
● It is lightweight and it is easy to carry around.
● It is free of distortion and does not come with connection problems
Disadvantages Of The Wired Amplifier
● The wired can be inconvenient to use at times due to its wires
● The cables could get damaged, which could lead to excess expenses
Wireless Amplifier
The wireless amplifier has become a popular choice among people today. Although it has its advantages and disadvantages, many people still prefer it to the wired amplifier. If you are considering buying a wireless amplifier for your home events, here are some advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of Wireless s Amplifier
● The wireless microphone is adjustable and easy to wear.
● It comes with a wireless microphone that comes with its volume control
● The max sound of a wireless amplifier can cover up to 10000 square feet
Disadvantages of the Wireless Amplifier
● Thye wireless amplifier connection is not as strong as the wired amplifier
● It does not have a better output when compared with the wired amplifier
The wired and wireless amplifiers are great to use, but they are best used for different events that suit their features.

The Wired Amplifier Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of the amplifier is another essential factor you must consider when buying a voice amplifier. You do not want a dead amplifier in the middle of your home event. Different amplifiers come with different battery capacities. Some have battery capacity suited for an event that will be for a short time, while others can go on for hours. Depending on how long you will be using the voice amplifier, this will influence the type of amplifier you will get.

Voice Amplifier for Home Outdoor

The event taking place is one factor that can influence the type of amplifier you will be getting. Your home event can take place inside or outside the house, and you must buy a suitable amplifier if your home event.
Amplifiers are built differently by manufacturers, and when they are being built, the manufacturers put in mind where the amplifier with used. They can put in special features which make the amplifier perfect for their surroundings.
Having an outdoor event at home may be difficult without having a suitable amplifier. Many amplifiers are not made to withstand the harsh weather of using a voice amplifier outside. Many amplifiers get damaged easily from use at an outdoor event.
For outdoor home events, you will need an amplifier that can withstand harsh weather conditions. WinBridge has the perfect solution for that for your outdoor event. The WinBridge H5 plus is explicitly made to suit outdoor events.
The H5 Plus is a voice amplifier with the necessary features to suit your outdoor program. The amplifier comes with a waterproof system, making it used in the rain.
In addition, when you decide to buy an amplifier for your outdoor program, you must consider the amplifier’s power output. The amplifier must have an immense power output. The power output should be 18W or above to get the desired result you are looking for. The H5 plus also has a power out of above 18W.
Also, you should consider the battery life when buying a voice amplifier. You will need an amplifier with strong battery life.

Voice Amplifier for Damaged Vocal Cord

Damaged vocals have become a common illness, and it is caused by illness, infections, strain in the voice, and many other factors. This should not be a hindrance to your home event. With the right type of amplifier, your can host your event even with a damaged vocal core. A good voice amplifier will be able to enhance your weak voices without having to put further stress on them.
If you have a damaged vocal cord, it is recommended that you do not stress your voice further, and with the wrong amplifier, it will be hard not to stress your vocal cause. As a result, you need a voice amplifier that can pick up the faintest sound and amplify it for everyone to hear.
WinBridge has an amplifier that will suit people with a damaged vocal cord. With their advanced technology, their amplifier can be used to amplifier users’ voices without the user having to stress himself. Their products are guaranteed to give you the best services.

List of Voice Amplifiers Required by Home Use

Your home events require you to have the best amplifier, which means getting a suitable one. The hard part is choosing from the numerous types of amplifiers available in the market today. Having the proper knowledge about voice amplifiers will give you a picture of the type of amplifier suitable for your event.
Before getting a voice amplifier, you need to consider some factors, which are:
● Battery Life: Getting an amplifier with the wrong battery life may cause you a lot of embarrassment. Getting a suitable amplifier with the right battery means having a battery life that will last for your event.
● Power output: the power out of the amplifier is a crucial factor that should be considered before getting a voice amplifier. Not all amplifiers have the same output capacity, and this is why you need an amplifier that will be able to project your voice well for your guests to hear.
● Connectivity: connectivity is essential and must be considered when buying an amplifier. If you need an amplifier with strong connectivity and a clear sound, you should consider getting a wired amplifier. You can also complement the amplifier with a wireless microphone.
● Special functions: these are unique features and accessory that comes with the pa system, which could be helpful for your event.
Here are some of the best voice amplifiers for your Home:
1. WinBridge WB001:
The WinBridge WB001 is a must-have at home. It is the perfect tool for home education, and it helps you deliver a perfect sound to the kid while they learn. It produces a clear, crisp sound that 50 people can easily hear.
● The amplifier has lightweight, making it easy to carry and move around.
● It is a perfect tool for teaching kids and meetings, seminars, and guide tours.
● It is also perfect for older adults and people with damaged vocal cords.
● It is straightforward to operate.
● It has a well-structured body that adds to the sound performance while making it very attractive.
● The microphone comes with a comfortable headset microphone that is easy to adjust.
● It comes with an in-built lithium battery which allows it to work for up to 8 hours when fully charged.
● The amplifier can also play music for personal use
● It is perfect for teaching kids. It has a loud sound compared to other more prominent speakers, which projects the teacher’s voice clear enough for students to hear.
● Main amplifier
● waistband hook
● Wired microphone
● User manual
● Wired Headset
2. WinBridge T9
The T9 is a perfect amplifier for your home event. It gives out an unmistakable sound free from any noise or distortion, making it easy for guests to hear what is being said. It is also built to amplify the slightest sound made by the user. #
Features of the WinBridge T9
1. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making connecting faster and more reliable. The Bluetooth connection allows for more stable transmission.
2. The amplifier is suitable for parties, meetings, speech delivery, guide tour, seminars, and many more events.
3. The amplifier and the microphone are both rechargeables
4. The microphone has a high-performance feature that allows the amplifier to produce a smoother sound with the amplifier. This unique feature makes it suitable for those damaged vocal cords.
Functions of the T9
1. The Bluetooth 5.0 allows the amplifier to connect to any device that supports a Bluetooth connection. Such devices include iPods, android devices, iPhones, iPad, and many others.
2. The amplifier has a 4000mAh in-built battery which allows it to be used for up to 8 hours when fully charged.
3. It comes with two microphones: a handheld microphone and a headset microphone.
4. The amplifiers have an adjustable handle that can be detached for easy lifting.
5. It can be plugged into an A.C. outlet for charging while still being used.
6. The amplifier is suitable for a guest of more than 50 people.
7. It comes with a remote control that allows people to control a allows user to control the amplifier from a distance and the mp3 player
● Speaker system
● Remote control
● Handheld Microphone
● User manual
● Aux cable
● USB bale
● Headset microphone


Buying a suitable voice amplifier for your event can be accessible even with the multiple voice amplifier in today’s market. Having the proper knowledge about voice amplifiers can make the choosing process easy for you.
Winbridge offers a wide variety of sound amplifiers to meet the various amplifying needs of people. They have experience in making amplifiers, and with that experience, they have been able to create the best amplifiers available in the market today.

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