Voice Amplifier with Clip on Microphone

Winbridge M700 Plus is a portable voice amplifier that comes with a lavalier lapel or clip on microphone and a wired headset mic. You don’t have to worry about choosing between a wired or a wireless mic because you have them both in the package!

Portable Microphone and Speaker for Presentations

Are you looking for a portable microphone and speaker for presentations that has clear and loud sound? Giving a good presentation is easy when your PA system carries excellent features that can be used in various ways.

Portable Classroom Microphone System

Teachers need a reliable portable classroom microphone system for teaching. It is a useful gadget especially during these times when it’s hard to teach when you wear a facemask. Due to social distancing protocols, teachers need a device that can amplify their voice when the teach their students.

Voice Amplifier for Teachers with Mask

The face-to-face classes during the pandemic provided discomfort for teachers. Why? Because talking over a facemask is hard. Aside from the volume problem, it can cause stress to teachers and students who cannot hear the teacher well.

Voice Amplifier for Inside Mask

It’s difficult to communicate while wearing a facemask. Because of the Covid19 virus, wearing a face mask for protection has become part of our daily routine. Many people find it difficult because they have to work harder to make their voices heard.

Covid Mask Voice Amplifier

It’s difficult to communicate while wearing a facemask. We are here to help teachers who are struggling these days because face-to-face classes are inconvenient during the pandemic. Our voice amplifiers are excellent for amplifying your voice so that you can be heard clearly and loudly.

Voice Amplifier for Mask

Do you need to talk when doing your job, but you find it difficult when you have to use a mask? When wearing a facemask, the volume of your voice is affected, and your breathing becomes harder. When talking, it can cause fatigue and strained muscles.

Microphone for Teachers Wearing Masks

Are you a teacher who wishes your voice was as loud as a microphone? If you are one, we hear you! We know how frustrating it can be when your voice is so soft, but you need a powerful one so all your students can hear you.

Best Portable PA System for Live Music

Winbridge Portable PA System is all you need to enjoy LIVE music wherever you are! Whether it is a home party, a karaoke session, performances, interactive classes, and extracurricular activities, our portable PA systems can give you the best music experience.

Portable PA Systems for Outdoor Events

People who enjoy traveling, going on adventures, karaoke music fans, and professional coaches or teachers should all invest in an outdoor PA system. Is there a portable PA system for outdoor events that comes with multifunction features and quality sound?